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You can capture additional business from those searching for YOUR TYPE OF BUSINESS, in YOUR CITY. By controlling the "Search Term Match" you WILL get more business. Click here to get started.

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We can forward all searches to your existing website, OR, we can create a specific web-site for you (at no cost).
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We can have you live in a matter of minutes by sending all visitors directly to you website. OR, we can build your site, with your help, in a day, or two.

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We have over 20 years of experience in the internet and web domain space. We get it, and we can help you.

We help hundreds and hundreds of businesses get more business. By controlling the "Search Term Match" domain for YOUR industry in YOUR city, you effectively have your business located at the busiest street corner in town.

There is ONLY ONE busiest street corner, and ONLY ONE "Search Term Match" domain for your industry in your city. (i.e. "")

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In Your City

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You need more business!

"Search Term Match" means your potential customers are searching for EXACTLY "what they want" AND "where they want it".
For example: If someone was looking for a "Nail Salon" in "Houston," they would Google "Houston Nail Salons" ... which is an exact match of "".

Care to guess what the #1 search term is, for someone looking for a Nail Salon in Houston? ... Exactly! And it works exactly the same for virtually every industry.

BUT, there is ONLY ONE "Search Term Match" domain for YOUR business, in YOUR city. So, you need to control it!

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We help businesses GET MORE BUSINESS!

You will automatically get more market share by controlling the "Search Term Match" domain for YOUR industry in YOUR city.


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Easy to understand. If you have any questions, just let us know.

$24 per month

Share The Domain

  • Maximum of 4 Businesses
  • Auto Rotate Amoung The 4
  • Visitors Sent Directly To Your Site
$39 per month

Control The Domain

  • Only YOUR business
  • Visitors Sent To Your Website
  • Unlimited Visitors
$49 per month

Control The Domain

  • Only YOUR business
  • Custom Website For Your Business
  • Unlimted Visitors


All reservation requests are first come, first served.
"Share The Domain" is only available if another business hasn't yet "Claimed The Domain"

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